• H.O.G.® Benelux

Since March 2016 Sanne Boegheim, active member of the H.O.G.® World Port Chapter, has actively participated in the H.O.G.® Benelux activities as the National Charity Officer for the Netherlands. In joining the H.O.G.® Benelux Team Sanne has supported the local Charity activities of H.O.G.® Benelux Chapters, and participated in organising the H.O.G.® Benelux Blister Butt and the - still running - H.O.G.® Benelux Throttle Tour.

Unfortunately Sanne decided to step down as H.O.G.® Benelux National Charity Officer in order to focus on her professional activities. But Sanne won’t be turning her back on the Harley-Davidson® and H.O.G.® community, so we will be looking forward to meeting up during H.O.G.® events and activities in the coming months and years.

Sanne’s colleague, Alexandra Maljaars will reassure the support and organisation of the H.O.G.® Benelux Charity events and the continuation of the Throttle Tour.

We wish Sanne the best of luck and success, and thank her for her dedication and hard work!

H.O.G.® Benelux

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